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About my publication in Miami Vibes Magazine

Here is the Issue for the month of April of Miami Vibes Magazine. I had the opportunity of taking the pictures for the cover and to complete de design that accompanied in the interior pages the interview that the magazine did to Miami blogger, Valeria Luzio. I took these photos of the physical publication to share them with my number one supporter of all time, my mom, who couldn't stop congratulating me for my success, she doesn't care if what I accomplish is big or small, she celebrates everything, and that's OK because that's what moms do.

So, I hope you like the photos. You can see them at the Fashion page of my website under the title "Publications."

Now, I want to talk about the importance of giving relevance to whatever you do. It doesn't matter if it is a big project or something you do for collaboration or to help a friend or colleague. If you compromise, deliver. If you said you were going to be there, go, be on time and bring a good attitude and all your knowledge and experience. I do this, I try to do it all the time. The road to success is slow and you have to learn to enjoy each baby step that you give. This for me is a very important step, I enjoy seeing my photos in paper and I don't really care how many people are going to see them or how many "likes" or followers I will get out of this. The only thing that matter is that being published helps a lot to my professional persona and to build trustworthiness in my field of expertise, it helps to validate the quality of my work and that is why I show so much appreciation not only to this work but any other type of production or images that I can develop for a small client, a friend or that new startup that can't afford my price but that has an awesome idea that visually is going to enrich my portfolio.


So, enjoy every opportunity, try to say yes most of the times and don't think much about money, because money and art shouldn't be mixed, a thought that in such a banal city as Miami where anyone is an artist and the blind thirst for money and popularity is an epidemic, must be taken seriously and be applied as often as possible. Thanks for reading and I'll be ranting about this in a near future episode, or maybe not.

With love,


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