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Hello. Thank you for your interest in working with me creating amazing new art. First of all, I want to apologize for the long information you are about to read. You may ask, all this for a photoshoot? Well, it's not just for the photoshoot but for a healthy relationship between you, the model, and me, the photographer. Please take all the time you need to read. No rush.


To begin with, I hope we can shoot with what you already have in your closet. In the link below you can see some outfit ideas that I want you to check just for inspiration, maybe these photos can help you choose easily what to wear. Please bring outfits that you know you are going to feel comfortable wearing. If you consider some of the concepts I'm sending you too revealing just ignore them and pay attention to the other ones. I'm not a bikini-only photographer so try to match as many outfits as you can.


Now, If you don't like any of the ideas or maybe you want to do something different just let me know, in the end, we will shoot the photos that you want and that you feel comfortable doing. Please try to find clothes with color, not just black and white and if you are considering taking pictures in a bathing suit please try to have it in one tone only, if possible. I like to incorporate yellow in my photos so please bring every yellow thing that you can find in your closet! And check the ideas and tell me what you think.

About the aesthetic of my work. As you might have noticed, my photos tend to be dark, with a lot of shadows, warm tones and natural light. Yellow is my favorite color and is going to be present in some of our photos. Because of the color correction you might end up with a golden tan. I also add grain to the final edit, so the photos regardless of light conditions are going to have grain. Now, If you don't like the way I edited your photos you can always ask me to change them, but please don't alter in any way my work, like adding filters or making them brighter, I consider that very disrespectful.


One more thing, If you pay attention in detail to my photos you will notice that all the models have their nails white, that's a signature I like to have in my work, so I'm going to ask you to have your nails painted white, hands and feet, for the day of the shooting, if that's ok with you.


Regarding hair and makeup, feel free to do them as you prefer. In my opinion simpler, nude tones, is better but is completely up to you.

Now, if you are curious and have some free time I invite you to browse my website so you can learn a little bit more about who I am and about my work.


Also, please send me your availability. To me, it's easier to shoot on weekends and I prefer to shoot in the mornings, so let’s try to arrange that. One last thing, I am in Fort Lauderdale, so I like to find a location that is somewhere in the middle between the model and me if that’s ok with you, so please also send me in what city are you located.


Please save this info for

future reference.

Arrow 39.png

Now, if there are images that for any reason you don't like, you can give me a list of the photos that you definitely don't want me to use, and I'll respect that, but if you don't send me this list I'll reserve the right to use any photo I want whether chosen by you or not. One more thing, if you are planning to post some photos on a pay-per-view app or website I will charge you for the right to sell those photos or we can get to an agreement on that but before we meet to shoot.

Now, keeping you in a comfortable and safe environment is my number one priority. I understand that we don't know each other and that meeting a new photographer can be intimidating for some people, so if you don't feel comfortable going by yourself to the photoshoot, you're more than welcome to bring someone else with you, my only request is that hopefully you can bring, first, someone that doesn't inhibit you, if it's someone that at some point will make you feel embarrassed, please try to find someone else.


Second, a photoshoot takes time and after a while it can be really boring to look at, so I hope you can bring someone that understands that, and that won't be asking if we are almost done, or complaining because they want to leave.

Third, I hope you can bring someone that can help us, that knows how you are and the things you like so they can help you to feel empowered and secure about yourself, that would be amazing! In my case, I always go by myself, with no assistants or companions of any kind.

Finally, I want to say that I don't want you to feel compromised in any way with me, just remember that we are doing this for fun so if in the middle of our conversation you want to postpone or simply changed your mind and don't want to take the photos anymore, there's no problem, I completely understand, I just hope you can let me know with time, if possible, so I can reorganize my schedule.


I'm aware this long message can be overwhelming but it sums up everything I want you to know before we meet and work together. Thank you so much for your interest, and let’s keep in touch to make this happen. Talk to you soon!

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